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I now see why Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama are such close friends! (Photos)
Much like Obamacare's Pajama Boy, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama  seem to share a love of the, shall we say, metrosexual side of life! [read more]
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NATO - You're Not the Master of the Universe. Now, Stand Down.
NATO's outgoing CEO, er Secretary-General, Anders 'Foggy' Rasmussen, should really send caviar and roses to Vladimir Putin.  NATO hasn't done all that well on Foggy's watch - the cock-up in Libya, the hapless adventure in Afghanistan everybody would rather forget, the absorption of new members from eastern Europe more eager to get under NATO's umbrella than to pull their own weight. [read more]
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140 Law - Legal Headlines for Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Tuesday, September 2, 2014: The Canada Revenue Agency doubles down CRA audited left-wing think-tank because its research shows ‘bias’ Colorado public defenders want children out of restraints in courtKhalid Sheikh Mohammed's Army Lawyer Resigns, Alleges "Show Trial"  Unpopular Police Officer Thinking About Committing Racially Motivated Offense For A Little Support (satire)California Closes in on Plastic-Bag Ban Can You Quote ... [read more]
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The lament for Canada’s middle class
I’ve been posting more sparsely lately for a number of external reasons but this should change soon I hope. For now, here is the first major piece I wrote for Ricochet. In some ways, it’s the obligatory piece on Thomas Piketty’s Capital … Continue reading → [read more]
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 Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the Majority share in it. – Leo Tolstoy If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must man be of learning from experience. – George Bernard Shaw Avoid revolution or expect to get shot. Mother and I will grieve, but we will gladly buy […] [read more]
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Danielle Takacs is the Liberal candidate for Brantford-Brant
It was great to join over 100 Liberals on Thursday evening as my friend Danielle Takacs was nominated as the Liberal Party of Canada candidate in her hometown of Brantford. There was a palpable energy in the room, and a sense that with hope and hard work anything is possible in 2015. [read more]
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Making Winnipeg proud ...
... with Winnipeggers winning two thirds of Truth Mashup's prestigious Douchebag of the Week awards on August 11. These great honours ensured Toronto wasn't alone in the class of "Canadian mayoral races filled with assholery". [read more]
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The Minimum Wage from first principles
The minimum wage, like most government policies, is first and foremost a form of wealth distribution. There are winners and losers from the distribution. The biggest group of winners is the obvious one: low wage workers who now get paid more. Raising the wage floor also raises wages somewhat for workers above the bottom as employers needs to differentiate on wages to attract higher valued workers. [read more]
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Transportation sector key to reducing GHG emissions in Ontario: ECO
GETTING SERIOUS about tackling greenhouse gases has to start with dramatically cutting emissions from Ontario’s transportation sector, the province’s environmental watchdog warned recently. In releasing his latest update on efforts to curb climate change-inducing emissions in Ontario, Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller told reporters at Queen’s Park the biggest sector emitter of greenhouse gases has witnessed … Continue reading → [read more]
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Summertime and the Living is Easy in Vancouver
Folks who live in Vancouver tend to be here because of the lifestyle. That’s why I’m here. Hope you’re having a nice summer too, people. [read more]
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