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Incredible video from the top of Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer
Unbelievable footage of the statue and the view taken by a worker walking at the very top. [read more]
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140 Law - Legal Headlines for Friday, July 25, 2014
 Here are the leading legal headlines for Friday, July 25, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  New U.K.-Canada tax treaty lets authorities do audits in other country Alabama man claims penis mistakenly amputated at circumcision procedure  Avoiding the pitfalls of white-collar overtime - Ottawa Business Journal European Court of Human Rights Factsheets Wondering whether your law practice structure could expose you to liability for other lawyers’ work?Manitoba community discovers it never had an ... [read more]
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Harper CONs campaigning over dead bodies
Israeli Defense Force attacks against Gaza - over Hamas rocket fire - are making headlines here in Canada. This is rightly so as it's a tremendously important situation - especially given the one-sided approach the Canadian Government is taking on the international stage. [read more]
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Transportation sector key to reducing GHG emissions in Ontario: ECO
GETTING SERIOUS about tackling greenhouse gases has to start with dramatically cutting emissions from Ontario’s transportation sector, the province’s environmental watchdog warned recently. In releasing his latest update on efforts to curb climate change-inducing emissions in Ontario, Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller told reporters at Queen’s Park the biggest sector emitter of greenhouse gases has witnessed … Continue reading → [read more]
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Paths old and new: beyond the tar sands
This is an expansion of my last piece on the tar sands. The expanded form was republished as a Bullet at Socialist Project. I’ve decided to post the new bits here as they can stand alone. On a path to nowhere … Continue reading → [read more]
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The Alberta Liberals’ Biggest Gamble Yet
In life, and in politics, risk normally matches reward. And the Alberta Liberals are throwing a die so far, so long, that it overshadows any risk the party has ever taken on before. And the reward may in fact be massive if all goes well. Today Kent Hehr announced his run for Member of Parliament by […] [read more]
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Reflections On Canada Day And A New Approach To Pipeline Development
As part of my annual Reflections On Canada Day, I have written a new article at Vive Le Canada about Canadian history and how it has shaped, and continues to shape, Canadian issues today. I have also written an article in my local newspaper discussing how the fallout over the Northern Gateway pipeline shows that [...] [read more]
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I'm running for LPC(O) vice-president communications
I am excited to announce I have decided to seek the position of vice-president, communications of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario). [read more]
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Summertime and the Living is Easy in Vancouver
Folks who live in Vancouver tend to be here because of the lifestyle. That’s why I’m here. Hope you’re having a nice summer too, people. [read more]
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The Crimean Referendum: Is it Legal Under International Law?
The answer  depends on which part of international law you listen to and how many guns you have.   On March 16, 2014 the Crimea held a referendum on whether to succeed from Ukraine and join Russia. On March 12, 2014, … Continue reading → [read more]
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