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Photo: Bill doing his best to help Hillary 'grab' the women's vote in 2016?
Get Obama Toilet Paper For That Special Someone On Your Christmas Giving List! Or, if that doesn't HIT the spot, might I suggest The Obama Punching Bag instead? [read more]
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If It Scares Canadians, It's Manna from Heaven for the Tories
Manipulating the public with carefully tailored fear is despicable.  It's also the entire first chapter in Stephen Harper's playbook.  He's been incredibly successful in using fear as a weapon to motivate his own political base from the outset. [read more]
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140 Law - Legal Headlines for Thursday, December 18, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter: Man who has lived in Canada for 60 years may apply as political refugee…in Canada Osler lawyer’s efforts make traffic court disclosure the norm for self-represented litigants in Ontario Florida judge grants petition for state’s first same-sex divorce Sony pulls movie “The Interview” after cyber-attack, terror threats by North Korea“Meta-costs” submissions? Two-tier test for law firms' conflict of interest?B.C. urged not to enfor ... [read more]
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Loopholes threaten Ontario Greenbelt
The Greenbelt Alliance wants better protection for the ecologically sensitive area, which remains at risk from sprawl, mega-highways and contaminated soil. SOUTHERN ONTARIO’S 7,200 square kilometre Greenbelt and the prime farmland and headwaters it contains remain at significant risk from expanding urban development despite protective legislation in place for a decade. Ontario’s Greenbelt at Risk, a … Continue reading → [read more]
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The US Budget Deal is atrocious for progressives, and the GOP base
The 2014 US midterm elections were a massive win for the GOP and, rightly or wrongly, gave them a mandate to act on the issues they campaigned upon. However, the big new budget bill is drawing controversy over something few GOP supporters are going to have thought was core to their election mandate: loosening restrictions on investment firms doing derivatives training, and a ten fold increase in allowable campaign donations.  [read more]
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Failing Forward
Abby,  [read more]
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Some thoughts on social democracy starting from a Fraser Institute graph
I’ve been meaning to post something on a chart from a Fraser Institute report for a while but slept on it. The chart comes from Fraser’s annual Consumer Tax Report and is supposed to show the different paths taken by how … Continue reading → [read more]
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Why I have no time for David Bertschi’s complaints
I’ve tried to hold my tongue through David Bertschi’s dramatic performances through the nomination process, but after his conduct at the Ottawa-Orleans nomination on the weekend, enough is enough. [read more]
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Calling Bell Canada, 310 Bell...and reaching the Philippines
Its been months since I've written anything here, but today I feel the need to get my rant on.   [read more]
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I love my country too much to be a nationalist. – Albert Camus All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers…. Each one owes infinitely more to the human race than to the particular country in which he was born. – Francois Fenelon Why is propaganda so much more successful when it stirs […] [read more]
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