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They'll Nip This in the Bud
It's enough to give an oligarch chest pain.  Barely a month in power, popular support for the left-wing, anti-austerity government in Greece is soaring.  Syrzia won the January polls with 36% of the votes.  A few weeks later and there's no sign of buyers' remorse.  Instead the party's support has climbed to almost 48%. Not bad for a movement that came out of nowhere just three years ago. [read more]
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PEI Immediate Requirement, Minister of Reconstructed Image
Recently parachuted into the Premier’s office in PEI, Wade Maclaughlan has indicated his priorities are handouts, people and engagement followed by improving the image of PEI. After one week he has covered the first three bases, that was easy. Within one day of making himself the Minister of Finance in addition to being Premier, Mclaughlan … Continue reading PEI Immediate Requirement, Minister of Reconstructed Image [read more]
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Video: Barack Obama apparently will not defend any non-Muslim man! [del.icio.us]
This video from Ben Shapiro explains, for those who still might be unsure, that regardless of the atrocity committed Barack Obama will find a way to either ignore the Islamic extremist ties or else somehow blame it on the failings of Western Civilization! [read more]
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Anti-Communist Memorial an Eye Sore
The Tories had placed a fairly ugly memorial to the victims of communism. The brutalist themed memorial is in front of the Supreme Court. Some say it is a good thing that after 20 years since the Reagan wall speech … Continue reading → [read more]
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Save the CBC TV ad rejected by CBC
This ad was rejected for broadcast on CBC.  The non-profit group, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, have created an ad highly critical of Stephen Harper's government. [read more]
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140Law - Legal Headlines for February 16, 2015
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter: Remedial Costs for Unreasonable Settlements by InsurersChild abuser awarded £20,000 by Ireland court after being harassed, named and shamed on Facebook pageCocaine case raises questions about how well jurors understand their job | The Toronto StarOntario Court of Appeal clamps down on surveillance evidenceWhy the demise of Sun News Network may be a preview of things to comeCitronella bug spray makes comeback after public pressur ... [read more]
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On the niqab
I live in Scarborough where a lot of women wear hijab*** or the niqab. Hijabs*** don't bother me. The niqab forces me to look away. It says the wearer doesn't want to meet me, has no interest in the world outside of her culture. I respect that-- their business. That might not be the message she is trying to send but it's the one I'm receiving as a Canadian raised in Toronto during the 70's. [read more]
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Why Justin Trudeau is Not a Liberal
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is a fucking goof and I'll puke six-ways from Sunday if he ever becomes Prime Minister. Not that our current hack is all that better, but at least he's somewhat independent. I mean, we can use the courts to counter Harper's social conservatism and if, politically, we demand less taxes and spending, he's the most likely to give to us – within reason. He is a statist after all. And I'm an anarchist. But back to Justin. This half-wit fuck-for-brains gave an hour lo ... [read more]
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Canadian Sniper (American Sniper Parody)
Just in time for the Oscars! [read more]
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A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterwards. – John Paul Richter It is a blessed thing that in every age some one has had the individuality enough and courage enough to stand by his convictions. – Robert G. Ingersoll  Frank A. Pelaschuk CHIP OFF […] [read more]
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